Del Ozone Total Eclipse 2 Ozone System 240V | ECT-2-25

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#ECT-2-25, Total Eclipse 2, 240V(UL)
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Del Ozone Total Eclipse 2 Ozone System 240V | ECT-2-25
Del Ozone Total Eclipse 2 Ozone System 240V | ECT-2-25
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Del Ozone Standard Installation Kit | 9-0210-11
#ECT-2-25, Total Eclipse 2, 240V(UL), installation kit sold separately.
DEL Total Eclipse Pool Purifier, up to 25,000 Gallons

The always-on DEL Total Eclipse uses a built-in pump to purify the water of in-ground pools 24 hours per day.  This maximizes the amount of contact time the ozone can have with contaminants, keeping the pool as clean and healthy as possible.  The need for chemical supplements is at a minimum.  Total Eclipse is best installed during pool construction.

Unit plumbs in at time of construction on its own independent line.  Ozone is injected via built-in venturi injector system, with built-in circulation pump for 24-hour operation.  Units are available in 120 or 240 voltage.

Maximum Pool Purification with Maximum Reliability

The "CD electrodes” are the innovative corona discharge ozone generators at the heart of DEL’s top-rated pool ozonators.  Their design offers maximum ozone generation, tough corrosion resistance, and they are rated for 15,000 hours of operation at over 80% capacity.

Total Eclipse ozone generators come with an installation manual.  The complete installation kit with injector is sold separately because there are several different configurations available depending on the pool installation. Each Total Eclipse has a DEL backed one-year warranty.