Pentair IntelliTouch Indoor Controller | 520138

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#520138 Pentair IntelliTouch Indoor Controller
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Pentair IntelliTouch Indoor Controller | 520138
Pentair IntelliTouch Indoor Controller | 520138
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#520138 Pentair IntelliTouch Indoor Controller
IntelliTouch I5+3, I7+3, I9+3 and I10 Dual Equipment Control systems.
The IntelliTouch 520138 Indoor Control Panel has a 3-3/4 inch back-lit monochrome LCD and is wired to the IntelliTouch Load Center or the IntelliTouch Power Center.
The IntelliTouch Indoor Control Panel features requires no high voltage wiring*
High-resolution 3-3/4 inch monochrome back-lit LCD*
Can work in combination with up to 4 Indoor controllers and 1 MobileTouch controller*Eco-Select Product
IntelliTouch pool and spa automation systems centralized control over all pool and spa operations as well as additional poolscape features such as lights spa jets waterfalls and fountains. Easy to install and the simple to use. Simple menus allow pool owners to create and change programs without complicated routines. At the same time IntelliTouch makes sure all your equipment operates at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost. It even helps protect your equipment investment.
520138 IntelliTouch Indoor Controller