Century WhisperFlo WFE-4 e-Plus Motor 1HP | BPA450V1

Weight: 35 lbs
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#BPA450V1 WhisperFlo WFE-4 Pump, 1HP Century Generic Replacement Motor, Almond
Price: $219.99
Century WhisperFlo WFE-4 e-Plus Motor 1HP | BPA450V1
Century WhisperFlo WFE-4 e-Plus Motor 1HP | BPA450V1
Product Details
Hayward NorthStar EE Motor 1HP | SN1102
#BPA450V1 WhisperFlo WFE-4 Pump, 1HP E-Plus Century Generic Replacement Motor, Almond
Full Rated
Energy Efficient
Square Flange
Supercedes: (Pentiar 071313S and Century BPA450)
303 grade stainless steel shaft for added corrosion protection
EZ wrench access without removal on shaft end an integrated Patented Smith Seal TM bearing protector to resist water damage
New Rugged motor enclosure system for enhanced durability and premium protection against corrosion
A full class F insulation system and 50° C ambient capability for increased motor life.

  • Higher Ambient Temp Rating: The ‘New’ motor has a 50-degree-celcius ambient temp rating, as opposed to the 40-degree-celcius rating of the ‘Old’ motor.
  • Improved Bearing Configuration: The ‘New’ motor has shaft bearings which are pressed more tightly into end frame castings; where the bearings are constrained around their outside diameter by a bushing and a ring of steel which is insert-cast into the aluminum end frame. This improved bearing configuration reduces instances of the vibration/failure in which the bearing O.D. vibrates against the I.D. of the end frame casting.
Ease-of-Wiring: The ‘New’ motor has an easier-to-wire terminal block compared to the ‘Old’ motor. The ‘Old’ motor has a small half-moon shaped wiring compartment cover; it can be challenging to pull the electrical wires through the conduit port and fix them into place at the electrical terminal screws. The ‘New’ motor has a large plastic shell which encapsulates the terminal block area. The plastic shell removes with one screw, revealing the terminal block area, allowing clear and easy access from a wider range of angles.