Zodiac iAquaLink 2.0 Network, Module | IQ20-A

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#IQ20-A Zodiac iAquaLink Interface Module, Only
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Zodiac iAquaLink 2.0 Network, Module | IQ20-A
Zodiac iAquaLink 2.0 Network, Module | IQ20-A
Product Details
Zodiac Baracuda G2 | W70472
#IQ20-A Zodiac iAquaLink 2.0, Network Interface Module, Only
New 2.0 Version!
Supercedes Model #IQ900-A
The iAquaLink IQ20-A is the latest Web Connect Device Module
Accommodates, AquaLink RS Systems from the year 2007 and newer with software revision R and newer.

iAquaLink 2.0 web Connect Device Only.

Doesn't require wires, wall panels or charging bases.
Improved reliability and stronger signal.
Compatible with virtually all residential routers.
Wi-Fi setup can be done wirelessly, using any smartphone, tablet or laptop.
iAquaLink allows you control your pool anytime, anywhere. Using our free app for your smart phone or web-connected device, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system, even when you’re on the go.
iAquaLink can be used on more mobile device platforms than any other pool control system. Free apps available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets Mobile web-app and is also available for most other smart phones, tablets and eReaders.
Service professionals can troubleshoot and setup the AquaLink System remotely, using just a smartphone, tablet, or web browser.
iAquaLink is Easy and Convenient:
On the golf course or on the go, control your pool anytime, anywhere with iAquaLink.
Most intuitive and user-friendly mobile pool controller ever.
iAquaLink can be used alone, or combined with the complete line of wall-mounted or wireless AquaLink interfaces.
User accounts can be created in minutes, used immediately, and the service is free.
Control multiple pools from a single app.
Complete Control - Monitor and adjust all equipment controlled by the AquaLink system:
Pool Temperature
Spa Temperature
Water Falls
Laminar Jets
Light Dimmers
Color & White Lights
Landscape Lights
Filter Pump
Booster Pump
Pool Cleaner
And much more
The iAquaLink is Powerful & Versatile and is a robust four piece system consisting of:
User Interface – Your smart phone, tablet, or web-connected device
iAquaLink Service – User account provides security, customization and multi-pool control
Web Connect Device – attaches to your pool’s automation system**
AquaLink Automation System – Control panel that connects to your pool equipment
Upgrades available for virtually any AquaLink, Compatible with virtually all residential WiFi and Ethernet networks
Easy, hassle-free online registration.

Technical Details:
Requires an AquaLink RS or AquaLink PDA Pool/Spa control system.
Requires a quality Wi-Fi signal or Ethernet connection at the iAquaLink device.
Requires a free iAquaLink account.
Multi-language support.
Smartphones and/or tablets not included with the purchase of iAquaLink.
iAquaLink™ Home Automation Compatible!
Connect to the iAquaLink app server – allowing users to control their AquaLink® RS (Rev R and newer) and iAquaLink equipped pool directly from their home automation system.
Control4®, Crestron and URC home automation systems are now able to directly communication between the iAquaLink server, eliminating the need for the Jandy part # 7620 Serial Adapter..