PoolRx 4-Pack | 101003

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#101003 PoolRx Unit 4-Pack (4) up to 20 000 Gallon ClarifierPoolRX Natural Mineral PurifierECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS. A TRULY AMAZING FORUMLA.PoolRx's Innovative technology utilizes natural minerals of copper silver and zinc with unique properties combined with a rejuvenating rod to energize the minerals. These safe and natural minerals provide superior sanitization which drastically reduces chemicals and maintenance to provide unbelievable clarity and feel t or into the pool-side skimmer basket and the minerals are released into the water and get to work straight away. How it worksWhen the PoolRX unit is placed in water the minerals which are packed inside the metallic rod dissolve within 4 to 6 hours and dispense around the pool. This forms a stable mineral balance in the pool water. The PoolRX minerals are rejuvenated when they pass back through the unit during circulation. This process allows the minerals to regain thei to continuously clarify your pool water. These minerals are not dissipated by sunlight or heat so they last longer. The minerals are however lost through backwash and splash-out and can be simply be replaced every 6 months if the pool is being used all year round by using a PoolRX Booster. If you are in a seasonal climate and the pool is winterize in the pump basket or skimmer and releases natural minerals that continuously clarify pool water 'the natural way'. This guaranteed formula works synergistically together with low chlorine residuals of 0.5 to 1.0 ppm. The levels of the minerals are total but deadly to contaminants in the water. In fact there are less minerals in the water than in EPA drinking water standards. When these minerals pass back over the unit they regain their ionic charge good water flow over the unit is important. If your pool is larger than 20 000 gallons additional boosters are necessary.OzonatorThis normally requires a small amount of chlorine in addition especially after a heavy bather load. Ideally we recommend constant low residual tablets in a floater or feeder. A constant small amount all the time is better than shock treatments.Features:
• Reduced chemicals
• Sparkling clear water
• Less maintenance
• Just place unit in pump basket or skimmer o 000 gallon pool more minerals may be required if pool is larger than 20 000 gallons
• The PoolRX Unit needs to be replaced at least beginning of every second swim season
• Chlorine & Salt Chlorination Residential Pool - 0.5ppm to 1.0ppm
• Chlorine and Salt Chlorination Commercial Pool - 1.0ppm to 1.5ppm health department req
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PoolRx 4-Pack | 101003
PoolRx 4-Pack | 101003