Polaris Booster Pump | PB4SQ

Weight: 30 lbs
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#PB4SQ Polaris .97HP Booster Pump, 120/240V*
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Polaris Booster Pump | PB4SQ
Polaris Booster Pump | PB4SQ
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#PB4SQ Polaris .97HP Booster Pump, 120/240V*

The new 2017 PB4SQ delivers high-performance power, quiet operation, and Polaris durability. The PB4SQ is the power behind Polaris.

The PB4SQ is an energy-efficient, multistage booster pump that operates quietly and is easy to install and service. It has been designed to provide optimum power to Polaris pressure cleaners.

    Energy-Efficient - High-performance multistage pump reduces energy use by more than 30%*.
    Quieter Operation - Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor and innovative fan are designed for quieter operation.
    Easy Installation - Includes Quick Connect fittings and easy access to wiring.
    Optimum Performance - Specifically designed to operate pressure cleaners at optimum efficiency.
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