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Polaris 180 Tail Sweep Pro | TSP10P

Our Products: Parts > Polaris Parts > Polaris 180 Pool Cleaner Parts
Weight: 1 lbs
Units in Stock: 3
#TSP10P Polaris 180 Tail Sweep Pro More details...
Price: $23.99
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Polaris 180 Tail Sweep Pro | TSP10P
Polaris 180 Tail Sweep Pro | TSP10P
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Product Details

#TSP10P Polaris 180 Tail Sweep Pro
The Polaris TailSweep Pro is a simple retrofit accessory that prevents your Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner's sweep hose from spraying water out of the pool and walkways and precious landscaping.  This innovative accessory also delivers 50% more flow through its jet pump propulsion to improve sweeping.
• Works on any 3-Wheel Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner including the 3900 Sport and 180 (comes standard on the new and improved 3900 Sport)
• Simply snap the TailSweep Pro onto the end of the Sweep Hose
• No tools required. Takes less than a minute to install
The Polaris Tail Sweep Pro Scrubber is a great accessory that attaches to maximizing cleaning performance and water circulation. Complete with a full size foam scrubber it is compatible for Polaris pressure side cleaner models:
Polaris 180
Polaris 280
Polaris 360
Polaris 380
Polaris 480 Pro 
Polaris 3900 Sport
The unique design maximizes water propulsion to blow debris out of corners, enhances sweeping action and prevents spraying of windows and walkways.
•Vents feed water for 50% more flow.
•Center diffuser disperses high pressure stream.
•High velocity water feed enables ultimate sweeping action.
•Prevents spraying of windows and walkways.
•Effortlessly snaps onto the end of any 3-wheel Polaris pressure pool cleaner.

TSP10P Polaris 280 Tail Sweep Pro

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