Pentair WhisperFlo 1.5HP Motor High Efficiency | 355012S

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#355012S Pentair WhisperFlo WFE-6 Motor, 1.5HP, High Efficiency, 208/230V
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Pentair WhisperFlo 1.5HP Motor High Efficiency | 355012S
Pentair WhisperFlo 1.5HP Motor High Efficiency | 355012S
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#355012S Pentair WhisperFlo, WFE-6 Motor, 1.5HP, High Efficiency, 208/230V

The New Part#355012S
Supercedes the #071315S motor design, for the Original Genuine WhisperFlo Pump Motor.
The WhisperFlo, New Centurion, Original replacement motor features threaded shaft and durable commercial duty 56 frame motor with NEMA energy-efficient square flange design.

Old' style motors are 'Magntek' type motors.
'New' style motors are 'New Centurian' type Almond Black
This is a guide of motor part numbers associated with standard Pentair
Aquatic Systems pool pumps.motors.
Pentair pumps started changing-over to 'New' Style motors in mid-2012. As the change-over process continues; all single-speed Pentair pumps will be changed-over to 'New' style motors in 2013. Order replacement motor kits using 'New' style part numbers.
The 'New' motor has improved quality and better features.

High Efficiency Motors:

Almond Motors                             Black Motors                  
Old Part#    New#                          Old Part#     New#

071315S          355012S               355393S           355013S

How is the ‘New’ Motor Better Than the ‘Old’ Motor?
1) Higher Ambient Temp Rating: The ‘New’ motor has a 50-degree-celcius ambient
temp rating, as opposed to the 40-degree-celcius rating of the ‘Old’ motor.
2) Improved Bearing Configuration: The ‘New’ motor has shaft bearings which are
pressed more tightly into end frame castings; where the bearings are constrained around
their outside diameter by a bushing and a ring of steel which is insert-cast into the
aluminum end frame. This improved bearing configuration reduces instances of the
vibration/failure in which the bearing O.D. vibrates against the I.D. of the end frame
3) Ease-of-Wiring: The ‘New’ motor has an easier-to-wire terminal block compared to the
‘Old’ motor. The ‘Old’ motor has a small half-moon shaped wiring compartment cover; it
can be challenging to pull the electrical wires through the conduit port and fix them into
place at the electrical terminal screws. The ‘New’ motor has a large plastic shell which
encapsulates the terminal block area. The plastic shell removes with one screw, revealing
the terminal block area, allowing clear and easy access from a wider range of angles.