Pentair Leaf Trap Canister | R211084K

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#R211084K Pentair Leaf Trap Canister
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Pentair Leaf Trap Canister | R211084K
Pentair Leaf Trap Canister | R211084K
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#R211084K Pentair Leaf Trap Canister, No Hose
Model# 186
Give your pool pump a boost!
The Rainbow Lifeguard 186 Leaf trap by Pentair has been designed to assist the pool owner and service technician in cleaning pools where leaves, twigs, rocks, hair pins, silt, etc..are present in the pool.  This leaf trap can be used with any suction type automatic pool cleaners or conventional vacuum heads.  No Hose
•Traps all kinds of leaves and debris to prevent clogging of pump basket
•Snap-Open lid for quick, easy emptying
•Reduces frequency of pump and filter maintenance
•See through canister lets you know when it is time to empty the canister
•1 1/2" leaf trap applies to almost ANY suction pool cleaner