Pentair Commercial PowerMax 500 Heater | PM0500PACC2BXN

Weight: 495 lbs
Pentair Commercial PowerMax 500 Heater | PM0500PACC2BXN
Price: $8,249.99
Pentair Commercial PowerMax 500 Heater | PM0500PACC2BXN
Pentair Commercial PowerMax 500 Heater | PM0500PACC2BXN
Product Details

#PM0500PACC2BXN Pentair Commercial PowerMax® 500,000 BTU High Performance Electronic Ignition Heater
500,000 BTU Copper Heat Exchanger
PowerMax® High Performance Electronic Ignition Heaters
When performance is critical, the PowerMax® heater provides peak efficiency and easy maintenance in both indoor and outdoor applications. Seven sizes delivering up to 85% efficiency ratings and meeting all Low NOx requirements. PowerMax is designed for operation to 10,000 foot elevation.
Models from 500K-2M BTU with 85% efficiency for commercial swimming pool and theme park applications. 
A 10-tube heat exchanger uses finned tubing for the quickest and most efficient heat transfer and the water heater meets the ASHRAE 90.1 standard for efficiency for use with storage tanks.
Reliable operation with natural or propane gas. Fan-assisted and filtered combustion air.
Dual ignition systems for all models over 750,000 BTU. Built-in automatic mixing system reduces condensation possibilities.
Meets Low NOx requirements for cleaner combustion.
Compact size allows the Pentair PowerMax to fit through standard doorways. One year warranty.
Reliable operation in natural or propane models
Fan-assisted and filtered combustion air
Dual ignition systems for models greater than 750,000 BTU
Built-in mixing system reduces condensation possibilities
Fits through standard doorways
200/208 and 575 volt models available
Gas Supply right or left side
CSA Certified
CSD-1 and other options available. Contact factory for part numbers.