Mpulse 3000 Calcium Controller | MP3001

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#MP3001 Mpluse 3000 Calcium Controller
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Mpulse 3000 Calcium Controller | MP3001
Mpulse 3000 Calcium Controller | MP3001
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#MP3001 Mpluse 3000 Calcium Controller

The mPULSE 3000® swimming pool water treatment system is a maintenance tool.  This product is used to condition water and modifies the molecular structure of the calcium mineral, thus creating a new calcium called aragonite.  Aragonite is soluble in water and with not stick to your pool surfaces, unless it is allowed to evaporate.
This preventative aide controls calcium scaling and allows calcium scaling to be much more manageable in your pool. It will also aid in keeping salt chlorinators cleaner and improves their life expectancy. When used with a regular weekly maintenance schedule (maintaining proper water chemistry, regularly brushing the water line, spillways, and water features), the highest levels of performance can be achieved from the mPULSE 3000® pool water treatment system. As with any product of this nature that deals with water chemistry, the mPULSE 3000® is not a cure-all for all scaling problems in your swimming pool; results of this treatment may vary from swimming pool to swimming pool and with the consistency of the maintenance performed.

There are many factors that can affect this form of water treatment and this list of the following factors needs to be considered:
Amount of calcium hardness contained in the water. (Recommended levels 200 – 800 PPM.)
Source of water (private well or municipality)
Age of water and wear of swimming pool, plaster and tile
TDS Total Dissolved Solids in swimming pools
Chemical maintenance: pH Level: 7.4 – 7.6;
Chemical maintenance: Alkalinity Level: 80 – 120 PPM
Seasonal temperatures and duration of filtering cycle
Chlorine levels maintained between 1.0 and 2.5
Porous surfaces (ie: rock fixtures and water features)
Phosphate levels (recommend under 300)
Cynaric acid levels need to be below 100
Spill ways and zero edge pools.
The mPULSE 3000® performs best when these factors are
controlled as per stated levels and in the case of pool features are maintained properly.