Maytronics Skim Doctor | 9997050

SKU: 9997050
Weight: 2 lbs
#9997050 Maytronics Skim Doctor
Price: $39.99
Maytronics Skim Doctor | 9997050
Maytronics Skim Doctor | 9997050
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Dolphin Diagnostic 2001 Robotic Cleaner | MAY9301ADV

##9997050 Maytronics Skim Doctor
Turbo charge your skimmer system with the Skim Doctor's Skimmer Turbo Charger!

The science behind the Skim Doctor is simple, a narrower channel helps speed up water heading into your skimmer basket which increases the power of suction near the skimmer. This means you won't open the lid to your skimmer only to find a swamp of leaves and other refuse, just a clean blue tube that makes retrieval and cleanup easier. The Skim Doctor uses a bolt system to fit securely on most skimmer baskets. This heavy duty plastic unit will also prevent your skimmer basket from bobbing in your skimmer unit, and help facilitate easy retrieval.
Speeds up the flow of water into your skimmer basket, to help grab large debris.
Increases basket capacity
Universal fit
No more crooked baskets in your skimmer! The Skim Doctor helps keep the basket stationary.
The Skim Doctor makes basket retrieval easier, no more reaching deep inside your skimmer to retrieve the basket