Lochinvar EnergyRite 400 Cupro-Nickel Heater, Gas | ERN-402-8009

SKU: ERN-402-8009
Weight: 240 lbs
#ERN-402-8009 Lochinvar EnergyRite 400 Cupro-Nickel Heater, Natural Gas
Price: $3,149.99
Lochinvar EnergyRite 400 Cupro-Nickel Heater, Gas | ERN-402-8009
Lochinvar EnergyRite 400 Cupro-Nickel Heater, Gas | ERN-402-8009
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Lochinvar Energy-Rite 250 Heater, LP | ERL-252
#ERN-402-8009 Lochinvar EnergyRite 400 Cupro Nickel Pool Heater*
Natural Gas

Lochinvar's EnergyRite® 400 Low-Nox Cupro Nickel Pool and Spa Heater comes with the fastest heat up time in the industry, built in commercial grade construction plus is more efficient to lower operating cost. With thermal efficiencies of up to 88%, the  EnergyRite® will make an immediate impact on lowering your monthly fuel bill

Built to commercial grade standards, Lochinvar EnergyRite® pools heaters are better designed and better built. The rust free water surfaces are completely lined with a molecularly molded porcelain / glass mixture, extending the performance of your pool heater. To top it off the EnergyRite comes with a 3-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 2-year warranty on parts

The EnergyRite's gasket free, copper finned, Cupro Nickel tube heat exchanger is the only one in its class - eliminating leaks and failures common with similar models, while providing years of efficient operation. Direct-spark ignition provides added reliability and efficiency. Every EnergyRite® pool heater is quality checked throughout the manufacturing process, giving you a pool heater built to a higher standard

Other advantages of the EnergyRite® pool and spa heater include a Built-in Floor Shield. No need to install a special surface to install your pool heater, place it directly on a combustible surface, even your deck. The combustion chamber of the EnergyRite® is fully shielded and windproof. This also prevents unpleasant surprises in the Spring from wasp and spiders nesting in your pool heating unit.