Jandy WaterColors RGBW LED Spa Light 50' | CSHVRGBWS50

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#CSHVRGBWS50 Jandy WaterColors RGBW LED Color Spa Light, Stainless Steel Ring, 50' Cord, 120V
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Jandy WaterColors RGBW LED Spa Light 50' | CSHVRGBWS50
Jandy WaterColors RGBW LED Spa Light 50' | CSHVRGBWS50
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#CSHVRGBWS50 Jandy WaterColors LED Color Spa Light,  Stainless Steel Ring,  50' Cord, 120V
New Model!
Energy-efficient RGBW pool and spa lights
WaterColors RGBW pool and spa lights offer energy efficiency in an ultra-slim profile and simple installation. The addition of the White diode to Jandy's existing RGB lights will even further enhance the brilliance of the nighttime pool experience by providing a purer white tone. WaterColors are ETL classified and fit into existing niches from Pentair and Hayward as well as Jandy ProNiches.

Dedicated white LEDs in addition to Red, Green and Blue LEDs
Choose from nine vibrant colors or five dramatic light shows
Long life, less than 50 watts of power, available in 120V and 12V versions
Controlled by a single light switch or seamlessly interfaces with Jandy's Smart Color Control

Nine Colors and Five Color Shows Include:
1 Alpine White
2 Sky Blue
3 Cobalt Blue
4 Caribbean Blue
5 Spring Green
6 Emerald Green
7 Emerald Rose
8 Magenta
9 Violet
10 Slow Color
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