Jandy PurLink 3-Port Cell Kit | PLC1400

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#PLC1400 Jandy by Zodiac Pool Systems, AquaPure, PureLink 3-Port Cell Kit
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Jandy PurLink 3-Port Cell Kit | PLC1400
Jandy PurLink 3-Port Cell Kit | PLC1400
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#PLC1400 Jandy by Zodiac Pool Systems, AquaPure, PureLink 3-Port Cell Kit
Up to 40,000 Gallons
#APUREM Jandy AquaPure Electronic Chlorine Generator Power Pack Sold Seperately.
Jandy PureLink Cell Kits version will accommodate all Jandy AquaLink RS, Jandy AquaPure and Jandy PureLink Systems
• Universal durable housing sensor integrated into third port and larger unions for easy installation
• Solid titanium plates manufactured with multiple coatings of precious metals to provide efficient chlorine production and enhanced cell life

The Jandy PureLink optional control system incorporates the Jandy AquaPure Water Purification System electronics into the Jandy AquaLink RS PureLink Power Center for a simple and convenient installation. Add the benefits of water purification to your pool and spa control system

(1) 16' DC Cable
(1) Slotted Flow Sensor
(2) 2 1/2" Unions
(1) 14 Blade 3-Port Cell

Utilizing ordinary salt the electrolytic Jandy PureLink cell generates free chlorine for your pool. As the salt in the water passes through the Jandy PureLink cell it converts to free chlorine and continuously kills bacteria and algae while maintaining the desired sanitization you need to keep your water pure and clean
When the chlorine is finished purifying the pool water it disolves into salt and the whole cycle repeats.
Jandy PureLink PLC1400 Cell Kit, 14 Blade, 3-Port w/ 2"-2.5" PVC
Universal Unions, Slotted Sensor, 16' DC Cable

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