Jandy Pump Interface Control | IQPUMP01

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#IQPUMP01 Jandy Pro Series Pump Interface Control
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Jandy Pump Interface Control | IQPUMP01
Jandy Pump Interface Control | IQPUMP01
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#IQPUMP01 Jandy Pro Series Pump Interface Control
New 2016 Product, Now Available to Order!
(1) IQPUMP01
All Jandy Variable Speed Models
Instant Pump Automation.
iQPUMP01 enables app control for Jandy variable-speed pumps. A mobile pump user interface that allows pool professionals to easily install, set up, and control the pump using a smartphone and the iAquaLink app, iQPUMP01's built-in hotspot technology makes set up and programming simple - even without Internet access. iQPUMP01 is compatible with all Jandy Pro Series variable-speed pumps and doesn't require a JEP-R user interface or other automation system. No more bending, climbing, and leaning over hot equipment to access a tiny keypad and difficult-to-read display. Installers can program pump cycles, initiate one-touch quick-clean, and service variable-speed pumps remotely to reduce on-site service visits and increase energy efficiency for the pool owner.

Easy onsite set-up and programming - When on site, installers can wirelessly connect directly to the pump controller, with or without Internet access, using their smartphone and the iAquaLink app
Anytime, anywhere control - When connected to the web, in addition to easy onsite set-up and programming, pool professionals and owners can control the pump anytime, anywhere through the iAquaLink app
Simplified onboard user interface - allows servicer to access several key features without their smartphone:
Quick Clean: runs pump at high speed for short period of time for use with suction vacuums
Timed Stop mode: temporarily stops the pump for 1-24 hours to allow for servicing
Timed Run mode: pump will run for a period of time to ensure circulation of added chemicals
Updated iAquaLink app - Pump can be controlled directly using virtually any iOS or Android smartphone
Energy-efficient - Pumps can be programmed to run at non-peak energy periods and to run at the minimum speed it needs for cleaning, and heating. Energy consumption can be adjusted to pool's needs.