Jandy JHP 3HP Motor | B131

SKU: B131
Weight: 41 lbs
#TC-R0556105 Jandy JHP Series Pump 3HP Motor #B131 AO Smith Century Centurion Generic Replacement motor 3HP Full Rated Heavy duty Y56J C-face flange threaded shaft 3.45 service factor 230V blackFeatures:Stainless Steel Shaft
• Lasts longer-improved corrosion-resistance
• Face machined after assembly-reduces face run out providesclose shaft length tolerances improves pump impellerrun out and pump performance
• Single and two speed versions availableThermal Overload Protector
• Designs to operate in either a50˚C (122˚F) or 40˚C (140˚F)ambient
• Performs with voltageextremes of plus or m
Price: $359.99
Jandy JHP 3HP Motor | B131
Jandy JHP 3HP Motor | B131