Intermatic Variable Speed Mechanism | PE653

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#PE653 Intermatic Variable Speed & 2 Speed Control Mechanism
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Intermatic Variable Speed Mechanism | PE653
Intermatic Variable Speed Mechanism | PE653
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Intermatic Controls
#PE653 Intermatic Variable Speed & 2 Speed Control, 5-Circuit Mechanism
Accommodates Intermatic Plastic and Steel Enclosures

MultiWave V 3.2

The new MultiWave version 3.2 software gives your controller more features to help your pool/spa operate even better!


  • Improved temperature range display starting at 12°F
  • Adjust actuators between pool and spa for freeze protection up to 30 minutes
  • Assign specific circuits to activate when freeze setpoint is detected
  • Set OFF time only schedules
  • Controller displays Out of Range when communication is lost
  • Set heater temperature to as low as 40°F for better flexibility
  • Controller display highlights current mode and temperature
  • Turn heater OFF for pool mode
  • Enable or disable heater safety feature
  • Controller communicates directly with AutoPilot Chlorinator
  • Server mode included to use with variable speed pump

Combine the PE653 Intermatic MultiWave Controller with the PE953 MultiWave Hand Held Transceiver and automate your pool/spa and even your home with the most technologically advanced wireless control system in the market today.

The Intermatic MultiWave is designed as a "plug and play” system. Install the water sensor PA122 and watch the MultiWave thermostat come alive to maintain your pool and/or spa water temperatures. Install the air sensor 178PA28A and let the MultiWave freeze protection system take over to protect your investment.

Connect your equipment to the intelligent RS485 communication port and relax as the Intermatic MultiWave recognizes and controls your equipment with ease.