Inter-Fab T7 Diving System - Pebble | T7-N55-C

SKU: T7-N55-C
Weight: 351 lbs
#T7-N55-C Inter-Fab T7 Diving System, Pebble
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Inter-Fab T7 Diving System - Pebble | T7-N55-C
Inter-Fab T7 Diving System - Pebble | T7-N55-C
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Inter-Fab G-Force™ Paver Kit | G4C-104
#T7-N55-C Inter-Fab T7 Diving System, Pebble 
Includes: T7 Waterfall Board Base Spring and Stainless Steel Hardware
The T7™ Diving System has revolutionized the diving board by bringing more style and functionality to the product category. InterFab is the only manufacturer to offer a tip-end waterfall options on a diving board set up, and the response has been overwhelming! The T7™ Diving System is available in 10 beautiful colors including 7 irresistible granite colors. Can be color matched to the BYOS & Garden Ride Series slides as well as InterFab's Pool LIfe Table, Seat and Beverage Tables
Unique 7' Diving Board Can Be Installed on Type I and Larger Diving Pools
Optional 10.25" Edgewater Waterfall Available - Runs on as Little as 450 GPH (7.5 GPM)
2 Optional Lighting Features Available - LED or Fiber Optic