Hayward Stratum SVRS | VR1000

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#VR1000 Hayward Stratum Safety Vacuum Release Control System
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Hayward Stratum SVRS | VR1000
Hayward Stratum SVRS | VR1000
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#VR1000 Hayward Stratum Safety Vacuum Release Control System

When it comes to pool safety multiple layers of protection are crucial. As an additional layer of protection Hayward® introduces Stratum™ VRS (vacuum release system)-the next level in peace of mind. The Hayward Stratum VRS is the only SVRS to both vent the pump suction line to atmosphere and turn off the power to the pump motor.
• Automatic restart... there are five categories of potential suction entrapment hazards and there is no single product that protects against all five-entrapment hazards.
The five hazards are:
• Hair entanglement
• Body suction entrapment
• Limb entrapment
• Evisceration/d it meets and exceeds all relevant ASME/ANSI performance standards. And as an added benefit it is easily installed in as little as one hour. Hayward Stratum is effective in monitoring the suction pressure in single or multiple suction outlet (drain) systems which share a common suction line. It features an automatic restart after certain activations and is programmed with an internal checking system that performs performance diagnostics during each start-up.When it comes to pools and safety you can never be or do too much. Hayward strives to be a responsible corporation concerning the growing need for energy efficient environmentally friendly products. Hayward continues to raise the bar to provide industry changing innovative products that meet the demands of our customers and the growing concerns of the public.