Hayward Leaf Canister | W560

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#W560 Hayward Large Capacity Leaf Canister
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Hayward Leaf Canister | W560
Hayward Leaf Canister | W560
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#W560 Hayward Large Capacity Leaf Canister
Genuine Hayward Navigator / Pool Vac Ultra Leaf Canister (W560)
The Standard Leaf Canister connects between two pieces of hose on automatic pool cleaners.
  • Large Strainer Basket: traps leaves and debris before they reach your pump.
  • Reduces the need to clean out the strainer basket at the skimmer and pump.
This leaf canister is a must for any debris-filled pool.  The standard leaf canister is designed to trap leaves and other large debris
With the addition of a W550(for 1 1/2" hose) or W551(for 1 1/4" hose) adapter kit it will also work with a hand vacuum.
Installation tips for standard Leaf Canisters with an automatic pool vacuum cleaner:
*Turn your filter pump off
*Disconnect your pool cleaner's hose between the first and second sections starting at the pool wall.
*Connect the male end of the second section of hose to the top of the canister.
*Submerge the canister to remove the trapped air.
*Connect the female end of the first section of hose to the bottom of the canister.
*Turn on your filter pump and remove any air in system.
*Check to see that the cleaner is operating and adjusted to manufacturers recommendations.