Hayward HCF Multiport Valve | HCV30798

SKU: HCV30798
Weight: 21 lbs
#HCV30798 Hayward HCF Commercial Filter 3 Inch Multiport Valve
Price: $619.99
Hayward HCF Multiport Valve | HCV30798
Hayward HCF Multiport Valve | HCV30798
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#HCV30798 Hayward HCF Commercial Filter, 3 Inch Multiport Valve
Hayward® Commercial Pool Sand Filters are engineered with advanced features to fit today's demanding applications. They can be installed individually or configured in multi-filter banks to suit the filtration requirements of any swimming pool or spa.
The Hayward Multiport Valves are available in 2 inch and 3 inch sizes to simplify installation and operation and are engineered for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop.

ITEM # HCV30798 3 Inch Multiport Valve Kit, Assy-Side Mount Filter
Hayward's 3in Multiport Valve Kit is factory plumbed for use with Hayward HCF302 and Hayward HCF362 commercial sand filters complete with 2in union connections. The Hayward six-position valve facilitates selection of filter backwash waste rinse closed or recirculate modes at the turn of a single lever. The integral sight-glass allows the operator to visually monitor the backwash stream.  Factory plumbed to fit Hayward HCF302 and HCF362 commercial sand filters