Hayward CAT5500, Controller w/WIFI | CAT5500WIFI

Weight: 50 lbs
#CAT5500WIFI Hayward CAT5500, Controller w/WIFI
Price: $2,979.99
Hayward CAT5500, Controller w/WIFI | CAT5500WIFI
Hayward CAT5500, Controller w/WIFI | CAT5500WIFI
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#CAT5500WIFI Hayward CAT5500, Controller w/WIFI
Discover the latest in powerful water chemistry controllers complete with TDS and Salt monitoring. CAT 5500 wireless, communicating controllers are equipped with state-of-the-art sensing and control capabilities tailored specifically for salt chlorine applications. Powerful and intuitive, these new models offer the utmost in convenience in pH, ORP, conductivity/NaCI, backup sanitization and internet-based monitoring. Perfect for all types of commercial facilities including Olympic pools, theme parks, and aquatic centers.

Features and Specifications:
pH and ORP controller with conductivity/NaCI monitoring.
Dual sanitizer set points for back-up ORP control; temperature sensor for heater control.
Auxiliary relays for control versatility.
Communicates wirelessly to PoolComm.
Comes complete with CAT Professional Series pH, ORP and Conductivity sensors for unsurpassed performance.
Perfect complement to Saline C® 6.0 Salt Chlorine Generator.
5-year limited warranty on controller; 2-year warranty on sensors.
NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified.