Hayward Booster Pump | 6060

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Weight: 30 lbs
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#6060 Hayward Booster Pump .75HP
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Hayward Booster Pump | 6060
Hayward Booster Pump | 6060
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#6060 Hayward Booster Pump .75HP
Universal Pressure Cleaner Pump w/Unions & Fittings
Hayward Booster Pump, New Style!
Boost the efficiency of your pressure cleaner with the efficency of Hayward's new booster pump. The pump greatly increases a cleaning systems ability to propel and circulate water providing the power needed to thoroughly clean your pool. The Hayward booster pump uses up to 40% less electricity than other booster pumps and is remarkably quiet.
Suitable for any pressure cleaner requiring a booster pump