Glacier 30,000 Gallon Pool Cooler - GPC-210

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#GPC-210 Glacier Pool Cooler, 30,000 Gallon, 45GPM
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Glacier 30,000 Gallon Pool Cooler - GPC-210
Glacier 30,000 Gallon Pool Cooler - GPC-210
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Glacier 20,000 Gallon Pool Cooler - GPC-25
#GPC-210 Glacier Pool Cooler, 30,000 Gallon, 45GPM

The Glacier Pool Cooler is the perfect answer to uncomfortably warm swimming pools. Glacier's swimming pool chillers are designed to solve the problem of hot pool water. The Pool Cooler is a solution that is affordable, easy to install, and inexpensive to operate. These patented coolers are energy efficient electric fan cooling systems that require no freon or gas to operate. The pool water circulates through the system, removing the heat from the water instantly. The chilled water is pumped back into the pool, providing a refreshing and comfortable feeling while swimming during the hot summer days.


Easy Installation.

Easy access casing simplfies cleaning.

Runs with pool pump and automated systems.

Requires no temperature controls.

Energy efficient.


1/3 sump pump.

Non-rusting FRP casing and basin.

1/4, 1/6 HP fan motors (110/220).

45 gallons per minute

Water Inlet 1.5" / Water Outlet 1.5"

Output water temp. max. 75 degrees.

10 YEAR WARRANTY on FRP fiberglass casing and cold water basin.
2 YEAR WARRANTY on all internal PVC parts.

1 YEAR WARRANTY on fan motor, sump pump, major drive components, and all internal moving parts.

*Please Note: Some pools can expect less cooling if they have pebble (light or dark), quartz, tile, or dark plaster finishes due to the added heat load by these finishes from the sun. However, if your pool has a pebble finish (any color), quartz, tile, or any dark colored plaster bottom and your pool volume is close to the gallon limits above, you should go up one size when choosing your unit.

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