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Del Ozone Solar Eclipse Plus UV Hybrid | SEC-110-26

SKU: SEC-110-26
Weight: 20 lbs
Units in Stock: 1
#SEC-110-26 Del Ozone Solar Eclipse, UV Hybrid Ozonator, 240V More details...
Price: $1,699.99
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Del Ozone Solar Eclipse Plus UV Hybrid  |  SEC-110-26
Del Ozone Solar Eclipse Plus UV Hybrid | SEC-110-26
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Product Details
Del Ozone Standard Installation Kit | 9-0210-11
#SEC-110-26 Del Ozone Solar Eclipse Plus, UV Hybrid Ozonator, 240V
New Revised Model!
The Solar Eclipse enclosure houses the most sophisticated residential pool sanitation system available. Yet it easily connects to the pool plumbing with a simple inlet and outlet, and a single power feed. Even the inexperienced will find it easy to install.

Solar Eclipse Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system brings the highest disinfection potential possible to residential pools.  It uses a combination of Advanced Plasma Gap ozone technology (patent pending) and germicidal UV light to produce hydroxyl free radicals (.OH), the most effective oxidation agent available for pool sanitation.  With the Solar Eclipse, pool owners can safely reduce chlorine to a lower level than with any other method.

Solar Eclipse Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for Residential Pools
Application:  Inground pools up to 50,000 gallons as primary sanitation. May be installed during construction or after installation integrated into other pool equipment using standard installation procedures.

Description: Combines on board Plasma Gap ozone generator (patent pending) plus germicidal UV light; delivers hydroxyl free radicals typical of AOP systems into return water through main circulation system; installation is the same as standard DEL Ozone ozone systems.
Wall or postmounted
2-inch inlet and outlet plumbing
High efficiency Plasma Gap ozone generator
Germicidal UV light module by Trident
220/240 volt system integrates with pump circuit
Hydroxyl free radical injection via variable-speed compatible Mazzei venturi injector
Operates under vacuum for effectiveness and safety
Mixing Degas Vessel available
Available On-Line Only

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