Celatom Filter DE | DE10

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#DE10 Celatom Diatomaceous Earth 10lb Bag
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Celatom Filter DE | DE10
Celatom Filter DE | DE10
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#DE10 Celatom Diatomaceous Earth, 10lb Bag
Diatomite is specially processed for use in DE filter systems to provide the clean and clear sparkling pool you have come to expect. DE removes dirt harmful pathogens and microbes down to 2 microns as well as reduce chlorine and shock usage.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media is designed to filter the smallest particles out of your water, and leave your pool sparkling clear. Made from microscopic, fossilized algae, diatomaceous earth (DE) is a powder that acts as millions of tiny sponges, absorbing and trapping particles that contaminate and cloud your water. Capable of filtering out particles as small as one micron, diatomaceous earth filters are the most efficient and effective pool filters available.

Cloudy water can often come from particles too small to see. Diatomaceous Earth is capable of filtering particles down to one - two microns in size, more than 100 times smaller than the average grain of sand!
By eliminating these microscopic particles, DE filters clean and polish your pool water, making it sparkle like new.

Changing the DE in your pool filter with Celatom, Diatomaceous Earth, it couldn't be easier. When cleaning your pool filter, for a much faster and easier experience, do "NOT" backwash before cleaning.  If you are simply backwashing, mix the required amount of DE in a bucket with water, until you have a thin, creamy mixture.  With the pump running, simply pour the mixture into the skimmer, and the DE will be drawn into the filter and coat the filter grids.

DE10 Celatom Diatomite