Aladdin Magic Lube | 631

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#631 Aladdin Magic Lube, Teflon
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Aladdin Magic Lube | 631
Aladdin Magic Lube | 631
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Aladdin Magic Lube | 630
#631 Aladdin Magic Lube, Teflon
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Recommended for Rubber Gaskets and Rubber O-Rings that are Stationary.  Aladdin Magic Lube® A Better Solution
The Aladdin Magic Line began almost by accident.  After receiving a growing number of complaints concerning leaking gaskets and O-rings Aladdin launched an intensive research program to discover the cause. They found that in many situations the leaking was due to corrosion caused by the use of petroleum based lubricants.  It is surprising how many people are not aware that petroleum based products corrode rubber.  This can be a real problem, because many of the most popular lubricants on the market are petroleum based.  Aladdin set out to develop a very special line of lubricants and sealants capable of withstanding the unusual demands of pool and spa applications. The result... Aladdin Magic Lube® and Aladdin Magic Lube II®... exceptional products for lubricating and sealing! Aladdin's formulas had to be very special... for your safety and for the safety of the environment! Aladdin Magic Lube® and Aladdin Magic Lube II® have received an environmental safety rating ofH-1 by the USDA.