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Spa Frog Floating System | 01-14-3882

SKU: 01-14-3882
Weight: 3 lbs
Units in Stock: 3
#01-14-3882 SPA FROG® Floating System w/Test Strips More details...
Price: $34.99
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Spa Frog Floating System | 01-14-3882
Spa Frog Floating System | 01-14-3882
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Product Details
Spa Frog Floating System | 01-14-3882
#01-14-3882 SPA FROG® Floating System w/Test Strips
SPA FROG Floating System uses pre-filled mineral and bromine cartridges that snap into a reusable floating holder and works in any spa.
One bottle of 50 Spa Frog pool & spa test strips as well as one packet of Spa Frog jump start.
The Spa Frog test strips helps you read chlorine and bromine levels in your pool and spa water as well as pH and total alkalinity.
The jump start packet accompanies the Spa Frog floating system by starting up a freshly filled spa with an initial chlorine level.

Why limit the peace and serenity of a hot tub with second rate water care? The SPA FROG® Floating System enhances a standard hot tub up to 600 gallons with its patented delivery of minerals and a low dose of bromine. This hot tub Fresh Mineral Water system eliminates the need for daily maintenance & chlorination, improves water quality and removes the unmistakable smell of chlorine, all the while reducing bromine use and enhancing your hot tub water quality. Simply snap the pre-filled mineral & bromine cartridges into the reusable floating holder, sit back, relax and enjoy your hot tub.

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