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Pentair Jet Eyeball Fitting | 86204200

Our Products: Parts > Pentair Parts > Pentair White Goods Parts > Special Eyeball Fittings
SKU: 86204200
Weight: 1 lbs
#86204200 Pentair Reducer Adapter 1.5" od x slip 1 inch white
Pool Specialty Fittings includes: reducer adapter eyeball and retainer clip
Eyeballs Unions Valve Covers and Specialty Fittings for Swimming Pools and Spas
Pentair plumbing unions are available in a wide variety of configurations. Specialty fittings such as the snap-lock wall fitting anchor cup and rope hooks and the molded recessed steps are designed for ease of installation. Deck valve lid and rings allow for access to under deck valves and fittings. These fittings are manufactured to Pentair's high standards.
86204200 Reducer adapter 1-1/2 in. o.d. x 1 in. slip 1 in. white 50 10

Price: $17.50
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Pentair Jet Eyeball Fitting | 86204200
Pentair Jet Eyeball Fitting | 86204200

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