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Pentair IntelliTouch I9+3S Pool or Spa Controls | 521224

Our Products: Automation > Pentair Controls > Pentair IntelliTouch Control Systems > Pentair IntelliTouch Pool or Spa Control Systems
SKU: 521224
Weight: 10 lbs
Units in Stock: 1

#521224 Pentair IntelliTouch I9+3S Pool or Spa Control System, Personality Kit
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Price: $1,379.99
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Pentair IntelliTouch I9+3S Pool or Spa Controls | 521224
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Product Details

#521224 Pentair IntelliTouch I9+3S Pool or Spa Control System, Personality Kit
(supercedes obsolete #520508)

Applications: Controls (1) Single Body of Water, Pool or Spa Only

(4) 3HP relays
(2) Temperature Sensors, (1) Water Sensor and (1) Air Sensor
I9+3S Pool or Spa Control PCB

Pentair IntelliTouch® Systems automation offers superior control systems from small to the most ambitious pool and spa designs including water features and spectacular lighting effects. Pentair In the compact Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or the Pentair MobileTouch® wireless (900MHz) control panel to complete their pool and spa automation system.
Pentair ThermalFlo Heat Pump Cooling Support
Pentair SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote
Support for Pentair IntelliFlo pumps - Pentair IntelliTouch allows you simply program Pentair IntelliFlo's speed to suit the application. IntelliFlo then dials in the perfect power factor. IntelliFlo constantly monitors water flow and electrical current making sure that the filtration system is operating at peak efficiency. And that means energy savings never before possible - up to 90% over conventional pumps.
Advanced Color Lighting - Enables users to experience a world of lighting animation when te IntelliBrite® SAm® SAL® and/or FIBERworks®. One of the most dramatic innovations is the Swimming Colors feature in which colors appear to swim through the water pouring into one another.
Pentair IntelliTouch systems offer the flexibility to handle from 5 to 40 circuits that can be used to contol any combination of pumps lights water features etc. As an added beefit user-confiurable circuits (Feature Circuits) can also be used to control these combinations of features and more.
Feature Circuits even add Marco possibilities where any number of circuits can be combined on a single button.
521224 Pentair IntelliTouch I9+3S

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