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Hayward CO2 Valve-240V | AQL-CHEM2-240

SKU: Hayward CO2 Valve-240V | AQL-CHEM2-240
Weight: 3 lbs
#AQL-CHEM2-240 Hayward pH Dispense 240V Solenoid valve for CO2 required accessory on optional pH dispense upgradeIntroductionThe AQL-CHEM2 is a 120VAC CO2 dispense kit designed for use with a Goldline by Hayward AquaRite Pro chlorinator or Hayward Pro Logic pool control. The Hayward AQL-CHEM2-240 is identical tothe H but uses 240VAC. When used with the Hayward AQL-CHEM sensing kit theHayward AQL-CHEM2-240 solves the problem of how to provide low cost pH control forbackyard pools without having to handle acid. The Hayward AQL-CHEM2-240 is designed toinstall on a standard CO2 tank and wire directly to the Hayward Aqua Rite Pro or Ha the Aqua Rite Pro or Pro Logic will sense the pHlevel and if needed the Hayward AQL-CHEM2-240 will inject CO2 into the pool water. CO2 ismildly acidic when dissolved in water and will lower the pool's pH slowly without thesafety or health concerns normally associated with harsher acids.What's IncludedThe Hayward AQL-CHEM somewith hundreds of branch/store locations nationwide.AQL-CHEM2-240 Hayward pH Dispense 240V Solenoid valve for CO2 233"
Price: $299.50
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Hayward  CO2 Valve-240V | AQL-CHEM2-240
Hayward CO2 Valve-240V | AQL-CHEM2-240

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